Sheffield City Council


Sheffield City Council has sent out links to various sources of information to those on it’s Custom Build Register.Details,as provide by SCC’s Tasmin Auckland below:

“Sites available for sale by the Council identified as being potentially suitable for custom build are/ will be advertised on our website  A number of new sites identified as potentially suitable for custom/self-build are now available – details on these can be accessed at and should soon be added to our custom build webpages directly.

 If you are aware of an empty residential property that you might be interested in purchasing, Sheffield City Council may be able to help you.If you can provide the Houses into Homes Team with the full address of the property, the Team will check whether it is registered with the Council as empty, and if so they might be able to make contact with the owner on your behalf.  Contact us about an empty home

The Houses into Homes team also offers a Matching Service to put buyers and sellers of empty properties in contact with each other Empty Property Matching Service.

There are also useful links to the National Custom & Self-Build Association and Custom & Self-Build Toolkit site, which has useful technical and planning information, case studies and other useful material –

Finally, CrowditBuildIt, a new crowd-funding property service, developed with input from the University of Sheffield.






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